the swirlies

Hours spent in wake

Mere minutes found for isolation

Eyes spin and ache

The pains of prolonged awareness dull my

senses, they’re each other and they are none.


A kiss to lift my heart

weight lost in love

freedom from fatigue

The sun shines two colors

the wind takes me to a home I don’t know


If you know, please

tell me where I am

Feeling so comfortable this must be a

dream that I can’t end

Shake me wake me

Anything to snap out of it




It’s been weeks maybe years I lost track after

two suns went and I needn’t food for substance


In this world I breathe a different air


Is this a game? am I but a pawn?

a piece to be moved without regard

a token to be traded

Ah, but what was Job?


Are we not all pieces to be played?

Are we to say we should be anything different?



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