The Solution

Have you ever had a problem to which you knew, and could access the solution?

Have you ever had to wait to use that solution, though the problem continues to amplify?


I have a problem. Well, several problems. I know a solution to these problems, and not just a solution, but the best solution. However, I keep hearing that it’s the wrong time, that it’s pre-mature, to take hold of this solution.

In this I’m torn. I have two obvious options, and a third lesser option.

There is some concern to be shared on taking hold of the solution, now. Perhaps it’s prematurity would disadvantage me in the end. Perhaps, taking hold of a solution to a current problem poses a larger problem later, to which a solution is harder to find. How am I to know?

And the loss of waiting for the “right” (ever subjective) timing is, tension, frustration, fear, disappointment, and discouragement.


Option one: wait for “right” timing. (for problem to solve itself, and then to grab the solution)

Option two: take hold of solution now, and deal with the consequences of that, currently unknown, when they are known-later.

Option three: give up hope for a solution, and lower expectations to a point of no potential disappointment.



This problem causes a lot of pain.

There is some urgency to it.

More prayer is the only thing I know to do.


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