To be able to communicate

Imagine for a minute, what your life would be like (how it would be different than current) if you could not communicate.

Suppose for example, you were either born with or through an accident reconstructed without the ability to talk, to agree or disagree, to express feeling. I fear this is as closest to death as one can be with a heartbeat.


Sometimes I try for communication suicide.

I don’t take time to investigate my feelings and I don’t take time to share my findings with anyone.

Instead, I suffer through the misery, and maintain my individualist attitude the entire time. I push away the people who know me best, because I know they will ask if I’m okay, and I won’t have an answer, which then turns into a discussion, no matter what. Too many clauses. I try to avoid them. I say I need to do it all on my own. This concept is infinitely false. Nothing is to be done alone. Humans were created with intelligence, and with a need for companionship. This companionship can be misleading and mistaking but worth the risk-taking.

I have the ability to communicate, to express, and to actively listen. I will use those abilities.

I will communicate, more.



My eyes are burning… It’s time.


Oh, right, all that to say, you were meant to have help. Let it find you, accept it, and embrace it. Now, go and communicate with yourself and with the people you trust.


2 thoughts on “To be able to communicate

  1. January 14th to the 18th…It should be beyond epic. Plenty of Communication to be had. Be there or be square.

  2. It is frightening how much of what you have said here describes myself. I love to shut myself off from the world…it’s simpler. However, the longer I do it the deeper I plunge into shades of vile.

    Insightful. Thank you.

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