The summer of 90 has been the coldest since

I grew out of my red tiger striped shirt


My mom told me it was time to give it away, but I screamed, cried, and slammed the door.

It’s still in my closet, this very day.


I wish I remembered where she got it for me, I’d go get another.



But wait.

90’s frozen summer…

The coldest since I can remember, the first since forever

I couldn’t tell you of a time more frigid than that frostbitten summer

My popsicles never melted, my pool wasn’t for dipping in, my shorts never came off.

90 was the year I lost all my limbs. They turned black and my doctor said I couldn’t have them anymore.

I didn’t understand but, surely, I didn’t argue.


Now I’m sitting, winter of 03, melting slowly. My bones disintegrating, my eyes dilating, my fingers snapping, my back cracking, my knees popping. I’m telling you, there was heat like never before. But let us not dwell upon that, it was only a break in times expanses.


I have no arms.

My legs are somewhere I can’t pronounce.

My head is the size and shape of a balloon, like the red one in that childhood story.


It’s still 1990, I am pretty sure I’m hallucinating.


Up, in, down, and through it has been nice knowing you.

Goodbye for now, goodbye to you, I’ll see you later if what you say is true.


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