If the sun always shone
If the sky was always blue
If the mornings were always warm
If summer nights were always breezy
If coffee was always fresh
If my body never ached
If my skin was never dry
If my car always had gas
If my phone battery never died
If my stomach was always full
If my bank account was overflowing
If my clothes were always clean
If people were always kind
If there was no killing
If water were always clean
If children never starved
If people weren’t persecuted for their beliefs
If possessions were never stolen
If dreams were never lost
If hopes were never crushed
If reality never sucked
If there were no error
If there was no pain
If hurt was never felt
If sleep was always plentiful
If jealousy was never known

If all these things, and many more, were to be true I would still need my God.


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