“Judgments are Assumptions Accomponied with Actions”

The modern church needs a renovation. This is no surprise. Society is quickly banishing morals. “Traditional Values” are no longer traditions, and respect is no longer what I grew up knowing as respect.

The modern church is offered with, what I believe to be, the greatest opportunities in it’s history. This I accredit to the state of existence the world is currently in. From terrorism, to the green movement, to the pop culture found on tv, to the access to unlimited information on most current cell phones, to the abuse of mood-altering devices, to the introduction of new mood-altering techniques (might I mention social media-speaking of the devil…), to the influx of, addiction to, and mood-altering  social media ‘revolution’, the church is faced with seemingly endless opportunities to show the love of Christ to a generation and a society of desperate and incredibly able people.

The opportunities of the church are to show the love of Christ. I am intent on the word show. It’s easier to tell people about the love of Christ, but I am adamant that words do not change lives. Actions change lives. This being said, I’ll refer to the title of this post… “Judgments are Assumptions Accompanied with Actions”. I believe that the act of judging comes when an assumption has been made and an action was taken on behalf of that assumption. Whether it’s an action to do something or not to do something, or to feel or not feel something a judgment is acting on an action. Considering the belief that actions change lives, how many of your actions are based on assumptions?


Words are not to be undermined in the church. Though I’ve stated that actions should be the primary key to loving with a Godly love, words point to actions. Therefore without appropriate actions and plenty of words, your words can damage.

Keep in mind that even as much as Jesus spoke, he did.


The point I make is not in actions nor words.

Instead I propose a theory, a theory that goes like this:

To renovate the church as a body of believers to reflect actions, before words, and Christly love, the church as an institution, must as a whole support the initiative of the individuals.

[ On my wall in my bedroom I have parchment paper lining the walls and sharpies laying around just in case I get an idea that I need to write down. On this paper wall, I have written “A church of joy-supporting the individuals callings”.  ]

I believe that if the church as an institution were able to take the callings of each of it’s members and network different people with different callings together, that it would have incredible power. I believe businesses in the church would flourish. I believe families would heal. I believe children would understand that a family is not parents and siblings- a family is a community of like-minded people working towards two goals; to love their neighbors as themselves, and to love their God with all their hearts.

I believe that a church based on the individual supported by the whole would begin small and exponentially increase, as people continued to network together. I believe that sincerity, respect, and love will be the guiding forces that would cause each individual in this church to put forth their heart in ALL the relationships they have. I believe that when co-workers, students, professors, neighbors, friends, in-laws, kids, and parents are genuinely invested in solely based on the fact that they were created by God to be loved and to love, that the world would see a change.

I believe that the church is the single most capable institution around the world to change history. The church has more money to distribute to the functions it deems worthwhile, than any other organized system. The church also has the best infrastructure for the collection and distribution of money. The majority of the church’s ‘revenue’ is donated out of an obligation directed from God himself. The church receives it’s funds from people who understand and support the call to spread the word of God. Having a reason for giving money that transcends any earthly understanding of money is the most valuable set up any could hope for because it cannot be tampered by any reality the world mind find itself in.

I’ve got one hand on the rutter of the modern church. You can too.



I just prayed that you found something in my formless ramblings thought-provoking, at the least.

Thanks for reading this.



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