I will not ask for much. I’m just a lowly peasant boy. But sir, even if it deals me a blow from your hand please tell me, when it all began. 

I only desire to know the start.

The day the sun rose and the earth was formed. Were you there? Did you see it?

What was first?

I really can’t ask forever -I need to know!

I may wilt at the pain dealt from your hardness but I have nothing but these questions.


My life is not a fairy tell in the conventional means, no my mothers dead and my fathers mean.

Master be kind to a child with a frail heart, I have nothing to offer but hope for a clean start. 

My youth has been one of troubles and of regret but I pray thee to forget my trespasses as ye consider what’s next.


For just one moment, let me beseech you to close your eyes and squint at your heart. Though it be old, weary, hardened, and dark I think it may give reason to be kind. 

My request is not burdensome but simple and sane. 

Father, you’re the only one who knows and soon enough it will be your turn to swim in the sea.  If there was ever one thing you’d do when asked, tell me this, when did it begin?


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