Writing A Blog

I’ve written on blogs, plural, for many years. I’ve written on paper for many more years. As long as I’ve written, I’ve tried to share my thoughts, ideas, plans, and dreams. I have always hoped to inspire and to challenge whoever reads this to fight relentlessly for what they hope for and to challenge them to figure out what it is they really do hope for. 


If your a regular reader you have noticed a lack of new thought on my blog. 

I want to write to say that I haven’t stopped writing, no not at all. But my writing has been changing. It’s shifting from planned and intended times of writing to spontaneous thoughts that pour out like water a fire hydrant. They’re filling my notebooks faster than they ever have before. It’s also gotten harder to write in a planned and organized manner. Nonetheless, the thoughts continue and the words still get written. They may be stumbling out but that’s not the point. The point is that they continue, and they do.


Perhaps once a routine gets implemented my thoughts will follow regiment and fall into line. Then again, that’s just a speculation, a speculation you and I will have to watch play out together.


ta ta for now. 


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