Along with my refresher in the Christian life, I also came upon a realization regarding perspective.


Starting a few months ago, but on a more focused level two weeks ago, I’ve been thinking a lot about alternative means of income. The more I look at my life with Kelsie I am drawn towards an idea that says it’s not God’s perfect and pleasing will for us to be apart 13 hours a day doing things that neither of us feel are the purpose and plan for our lives. This idea took me to thinking about ways for us to still pay our bills but to be able to spend more of our time, both together and individually, investing in relationships and in the development of ourselves- spiritually and physically.

I’ve thought about getting into buying/selling for mediocre profits, starting my own business and working my tail off for the first few years until I can pay other people to do the work and still profit financially, and most recently investing into the stock market and making a return on wise investments.


This morning though, I came to remember that I don’t deserve the resources I’ve been given, but that I’ve been blessed with what I have and that as I strive for more resources (money and time), I need to retain the perspective that it will be given and taken away as the good Lord sees fit. As I move forward in this perspective I will ask and pray to receive and will work as hard as I possibly can, be as honest as I can in my work, and be as wise as I can with the resources I have been given.



Perspective is necessary for success.


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