Due Date

I’m imagining that what i’m feeling now is similar to what most babies feel at 8mos and 30 days. 

I want out. 

Kelsie and I had an afternoon date with a good friend yesterday and what was going to be a time to catch turned into something that lodged a fishhook in the corner of my chapped lips and is being pulled by a blade on a blender.

What if life wasn’t like… this.  

Social media frenzies. Nikes. New ‘i’ devices. Clothing that’s been cycled through it’s 40 year routine. Cell Phones. Cars with wheels bigger than toddlers. Ibuprofen. Computers that have backlit keys so we can type in the dark (like i’m doing right now). 401K’s. Credit cards. Gas prices. High Fructose Corn Syrup.

Think about how Jesus would live on this Earth. None of those things I just mentioned exist in my imaginations depiction of Christ. All of these things exist in my day-to-day life. I won’t go and say they’re all necessarily wrong. But can you argue that they bring about wrong? Have credit cards not led to greed? Has high fructose corn syrup not unnecessarily worn on this temple of Christ?

What if you decided to not take part in any of it. What if you decided to step back several leaping bounds. What if you made up your mind to live on what you need and to not take any more- even if you make more to give it away.

What if your 401k was your relationship with your children?

What if your credit card was your community?

What if we all took our efforts as individuals and pooled them into a collective? Wouldn’t we be so much better off?

Assuming of course that we’re all perfect and honest and selfless. No, but assuming that God’s grace exists.

I’m kicking. 

I’m begging to be let out. Every mother knows it’s not about deciding when to go into labor. It’s about being prepared for when the baby decides it’s time. 

It’s time.

I hope my crib is ready. I hope I’ll be fed. I hope there will be somewhere to sleep. I hope I won’t regret staying in my warm, safe, sometimes bumpy, womb.

My due date has come.

I don’t know what’s next. But it’s up to me. I’ve grown and matured and now it’s time to move out. It’s time to start this.

I believe that there is an alternative to the problem and list of solutions provided to me.

I believe I’d like you to come with me as I journey.


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