The Chasm

Me week has begun without me.


This weekend was eye-opening (be sure you’ve read my last post before you continue with this one). Now that this weekend is over, the week has begun and I’m afraid I’m still in Saturday afternoon. 


The fish hook is holding me from floating downstream. All my weight is being held back by an almost invisible thread. The simple thing to do, since this hook isn’t going away, is to swim upstream and alleviate the pressure. The problem is, I need to learn how to swim first. Then, upon learning to swim, I’ll follow this fishing line back to its caster and politely request to be removed. 


This is how I feel in life. Like this thought has caught my brain in such a way that it’s not letting go. This thought that perhaps I’m missing the point. This thought that says perhaps I don’t need to take so many steps to get to my destination. 

Now that I have an idea of where to go, I need to learn how to get there. That’s fine.

It’s the struggle in the meantime. It’s the frigid water rushing over me. It’s the monotony before the freedom. It’s the months of work that lay ahead of me and before my dream. 


This chasm is one that divides will. My will to live a purposeful life grows and grows and my will to continue the ‘mundane’ divides and disappears. There is an answer to this wonder. It’s to set my eyes upon the hand of God and watch intently for He will work in and through all things done in His name. 

I can fix computers in His name. I can walk my dog in His name. I can love my wife in His name. I can be a friend in His name. I can brighten my co-workers days in His name. 

I will do the things I do in His name and I will do them to my utmost, all the while praying to move forward. 




I will not allow this chasm to split me like it has already tried to do. 


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