There is Joy in Knowing

Part II.



Yesterday, I had breakfast with my parents and was discussing with them all I’ve been writing on here. They also are in an interesting place, I’ll spare you their details. 


I was encouraging them that this uncomfortable place we’re all in, knowing that there is more than what we are experiencing, is the road to seeing God’s faithfulness in full glory. Then I continued on, more excitedly, that there will come a time in our lives, where this place of unknowing and asking and waiting and wanting and continuing the daily grind will lead to joy in knowing that God will bring about an even greater blessing than the last. 

This notion is one that only exists in my head. I have yet to experience it and know it in my heart.

But like every other covenant God’s given and been faithful too, He promises to give lead us to the promised land as long as we follow with out whole hearts.




Here we are. My mom. My dad. Kelsie. Me. I could go on. We are all here. Following. Waiting to feel that joy that we know is true. 



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