Silly Moses

So you might think this is dumb, i don’t care. I think it’s great and this is my blog! Haha.

Remember the story of the burning bush? When Moses is out and about doing his thing, tending to his sheep and then WHOAH. There’s a bush on fire, but it’s not burning. Moses like any good man would want to know how that’s working. I would set myself on fire if could find a way to not burn, it’d be the coolest trick.

God is in the bush and He tells Moses to take off his sandals. Moses does so (don’t argue with a flaming plant). Then God tells Moses to throw his staff to the ground, Moses does so (again, don’t argue the flaming plant). The staff turns into a snake and Moses runs away. He probably squealed like an adolescent child.

I can picture that so clearly and it’s hilarious. Moses this guy who is iconic to the old testament runs away, scared silly when his staff turns into a snake.

Then God tells him to pick it up and the joke is over.


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