Today I want to write about exceptional living.

I’ve been sitting at my desk for a while now thinking and writing and this is what’s on my heart.

This is my desk: Image


I’ve been thinking about my life and praying about it. I’ve been struggling a lot over the last several months with my job (tech support at Verizon Wireless) and my schedule (2:30-11:30pm Thu/Fri off). 

It’s a great job because Verizon is great company when it comes down to working for a corporation as huge and as profitable as Verizon. But it’s a job that can be extremely stressful. It can really wear down on my spirits. 


I was talking with a friend last week about finding things that bring us joy and excitement and filling our life with those things. We believe that in pursuing the things that bring us joy and excitement and a childlike passion that then and perhaps only then we are truly living. Beyond truly living, perhaps only then are we able to ‘fulfill our purpose’. 

This was a conversation built around finding this great purpose for our lives and it concluded with us pursuing the things we love and that in doing so we become more fully ourselves and then we’re more apt and able to follow Christ’s leading. With that being said, I don’t yet believe that it’s impossible to follow Christ in a lifestyle where one is filled with responsibilities and routines that are of a mundane nature. I just have to believe that God created all of us for an individual purpose and that the only way for us to fulfill that is to be ourselves. 


I’m not fully myself at Verizon Wireless doing Technical Support via inbound calls. I apologize for my repeating that fact in many of my posts. I am searching for something that is “me”. Something where I am myself.


To define that some, because you’re not me and don’t innately know my desires, something that is me is something that involves:



-Working with my hands.

-Being outside.

-Working the land.

-Spending time with people.





-Having time every morning to drink a cup of coffee, read the news, and write. 

-Being with my wife and my dog.

-Having lots of animals, dogs, chickens, goats, horses, etc.


These are just a few of my favorite things. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to quote The Sound of Music


These things, when incorporated into my life regularly allow me to enter a place of exceptionality. 

When Christ offered a new life for God’s children it was not a life of normalcy. It was a life of exceptional living. Do not mistake my word exceptional for luxurious. Surely, the two are not always synonymous. 


As I continue to search for myself how to incorporate my passions and my interests into my every day life to live a more exceptional life do the same for yourself. 

First, make a list of the things that you love. Whether it’s just being outside or if it’s being outside on a mid October day where the sun is shining through the trees with just a few golden brown leaves hanging in there while you’ve got a pair of hiking boots on and your drinking your favorite hot beverage listening to Bon Iver sing Skinny Love. You name it, list it.

Second, take that list and start to think of ways that you can combine separate items. In doing so start dreaming up an image. 

Third, offer that image up to God and pray his blessing over it. Be ready to receive redirection instead.

Fourth, repeat steps 1-3 as necessary. 


I’m right there with you. Let’s see where we end up together.

Much love and as my buddy Matt would say,


By Grace Through Faith.


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