There is a thing called Grace. It’s one of the greatest gifts the world has ever seen. This grace has never been withheld. It’s never run out. It’s not destined for some, but all. This grace is also one of the hardest gifts to receive. 

To accept grace is to find healing, to move on, to leave behind. Before accepting grace though, one must admit need. To admit need, one needs to accept their wrongdoing and their failings. This is oft the part where grace is passed over for something lesser; distraction, superficiality, a filler of some kind. 


We have all been in need of grace and we have all faced the decision to accept our actions or to run from what we know is true. It never seems to get easier though, how many times we find ourselves in this place. 


The God I know is a good and faithful God. He is a good who desires to bless, to protect, to heal, to nurture and to grow His children. He is not however, a God who uses His power to make decisions for his children. No, like all good fathers He has taught what is right and should be done and allows us to decide whether to trust that or to venture out and try things for ourselves. 

I struggle with accepting grace. I struggle with truly admitting my need and welcoming His pardon. I can assure you however that without His pardon you’re life will become a prison. Soon you’ll find yourself behind bars everywhere you look and you’ll feel more trapped than you ever have before. 


Let’s, together, admit our wrongs and seek His grace in our lives.



As a good friend would say,

By grace through faith.


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