The Grinch and you.

Last night, Kelsie and I watched The Grinch. There is a scene where the relentlessness of The Who’s Christmas spirit overwhelms the Grinch and he starts to “feel”. His heart begins beating and it changes his life completely. He accepts his award of Holiday Cheer Meister and celebrates Christmas with all the Who’s. 


If you honestly look into your heart, I hope you can find yourself resonating with this.

Have you ever grown cold, numb, bitter, or otherwise out of touch with ‘feeling’ (feeling being connected to Christ-has that relationship ever gone dry?)? I’d imagine the answer is yes, mine is absolutely  yes. Well, the Grinch was all of these things and for a LONG time. The only thing that broke him free of that misery was the relentlessness of The Who’s joy. I see that as God’s love. It is never ending. It is unrelenting. It is constant. It is always desiring you. It is ready to welcome you back at any second. It can’t be quenched no matter what you do. 


Acknowledge His love and accept it. Your sin no matter how great is never enough for Him to say “I don’t want you back” or “You’re a mess, you’re not worth it” or “You’re filthy, sick, out of control” or any other lie you have learned to believe. My personal doubt is not the greatness of sin but the repetition of sin. Even if you sinned 100 times a day, Christ is still jealous for you. He is still seeking your return. He is still waiting with baited breath for you to accept his love, repent of the sin, and guard up to fight off the sin next time it strikes. 


So when you feel like the Grinch, numb and out of touch, either now or next time you do, think about your Abba Father’s relentless love. Consider what He has done and allow yourself to be overwhelmed by His love. If you can hurdle the challenge of stopping every thought that brought you back to not deserving or not being worthy of His love and just accept it, you’ll find yourself alive and passioned. I want you to feel that. 

If you struggle with that, watch The Grinch. It shouldn’t be that much of a task considering it’s Christmas time 🙂


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