What is this place?

It’s dark but there are lights everywhere.

Each light is too bright to identify it’s source/ you can’t tell if it’s a lamp, a flashlight, a star, a fire, or a comet headed straight at you.

There are noises coming from every direction.

No matter what you focus on, eyes locked on a light or ears attending to a sound, you are dizzy.

There is no orientation. No right. No normal.

You feel something brushing up against you, you swat and find nothing.

There is a breeze it only blows down your spine.

You speak and hear no voice.

You scream and the only response is your lungs gasping for air again.

You start to walk and the floor moves beneath. You stop and it stands still.

You’re alone. There’s nothing real for you to grasp. Nothing for you to base an understanding off of.


You’re lost.


(written 8/16/12)


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