A deep sadness

I am overcome by sadness when I take the time to think about the condition of the human heart on a personal, national, and global level. 

Tonight I read the news for about an hour. I read the news everyday, often twice a day but I browse. Tonight I read every story. 


I lost count of how many tragic stories there were of people strategically and intentionally aiming to hurt other people. Some had the motives of money or revenge but others didn’t have any motive reported. And those are the stories that really affect me. Somehow there being a motive is more forgiveable… More understandable. But I can’t stand to hear about people who are driven to harm other people. To destroy other peoples lives… An equally touching side of the stories though, is the fact that the person being harmed is usually doing something good. It’s beautiful really. It’s a contrast between people living for human dignity, integrity, and equality and people living for the easy route and the cheapest route; people willing to sacrifice anyone or anything for their own benefit. 


I might have lost focus in this post.


I truly am deeply saddened by the extent of evil I see active in the world. Even in my world. I know that God, creator of every heart and every soul, did not will this upon any of us. I know His intent was pure and beautiful. I am challenged to maintain a mindset synonymous with God’s plan for my life. To see beauty in his creation, nature and human. To forgive not begrudge. To love not lust. To trust not restrict. 


The story for anyone who identifies as a child of God is not over. This too commonly sad and dark existence is not our end. But the hope of a brighter end alone will not bring the end any closer. We must practice positivity. Both in attitude and in action. 

I need your help with this because I do not understand how to do it. Or if it is what should be done… As of now it’s my only thought. 

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