A refined faith. 

This year has been unprecedented in many ways. 

This year is a milestone for Kelsie and I. 

This year has been and will be a beginning in many ways. 

This year can be defined by a real personal experience with God’s truth. I have been seeking the Holy Spirits revelation in my life and He has delivered.

I am really coming into a belief that I was made for more than who I am right now. And yet, I am quite proud of who I am. With Gods blessing, I’ve accomplished several of the goals I’ve set over the last few years, I’ve grown in character, Kelsie and I have really grown into a rhythm of healthy relationship. 

I am beginning to feel really excited about my future. Not so much about what I’ll do- I still have my dreams of building our farm, of going on trips to beautiful and exotic places, of having a certain pace of lifestyle- but about who I will become. The last five years have been hugely transformative for me and I have a feeling that the next five will be even better. I have this hope because of this deeper understanding of who I am in Gods global tapestry. 

I’m still learning that I am not the focus in my life. I’m still grappling with understanding that my work doesn’t take #1 priority. I still have to work to place my wife’s needs before my own. However, in all these things, I am seeing the importance of growth. I am understanding how a lack of my growth in becoming secondary to Gods purposes for me is inhibiting His work in me and through me. 

With this improved perspective both Kelsie and I are seeking the heart of God through His word and through his prophets. We are eagerly searching for our place in His plans. We are like college graduates at a career workshop discovering and defining our strengths so that we can land a job. We are posturing ourselves in a position of refinement. We’re trusting the Holy Spirit to reveal to us the gifts that the Father has given us and then to reveal to us how we can use those gifts to bring hope to those who need it. We want to bring peace to those crippled by anxiety. We want to bring love to the lonely, the manipulated, the abused, and the rejected. We want to see our friends and family take their faiths to the next level- we want to see them ask ‘why’. We want them to wish they knew the original languages of scripture so they can fully understand the verbiage that was intentionally and divinely appropriated. We want to know our creator in as large a capacity as any creation can know its creator. 

We are, and we desire to continue, learning to know Jesus personally so that we can be more and more filled with His spirit. We long to be utilized in His purposes.

We are no longer content with having a faith that lacks power. We believe in the power of the resurrection and we intend to live every day for the rest of our lives knowing we can move mountains with just a little bit of true faith. 
Are you living a faith full of power? Do you believe you were created with intentional gifts and abilities? Do you feel  like your life as a Christian is different than your life before it? Would your life look that different if you found out that there was no God? 

Here’s a truth you can walk away with, no matter your place in life: there is always more with Christ. More joy, more peace, more patience, more kindness, more goodness, more gentleness, more faithfulness, more self-control. So if ever you feel lacking in one, if not every, category know that He is ready to offer you more. All you have to do is ask with a humble heart. 

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